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AI Experts

            We are a team of passionate programmers, AI Engineers and Doers who are on a mission to improve the AI Development Process.

            Over the course of our company growth, we realised that building deployable model requires good quality data. This in turn requires a lot of effort in annotation and organisation of data. If not done properly, a lot of unnecessary repetition of processes, simple mistakes, redundant tasks overshadow the model development process. An annotation tool that can speed up the whole process and manage data effectively can avoid theses nuances. NeuralMarker is the collection of best practices we have come to realise through our own experiences and experiments.

              We were using AI Assisted labeling and active learning to help human annotators and save time There was too much time being wasted in building in these workflows. So, at NeuralMarker we integrated pre-trained models in the tool and Annotation Manager could completely own the active learning workflow rather than depending on the data scientist.

              All the tools in the market were built by web developers who didn't understand the nuances of the work of data scientists. So, we built a platform for our internal usage two years ago which eventually become NeuralMarker Saas platform.


"Apparently the most likely animals to be left alive after a nuclear war are cockroaches, because they’re so hard to kill. That’s what you want to be as a startup, initially." - Paul Graham

3 years ago we made a conscious choice of making a deep technology company in a bootstrapped fashion where we don't always chase scale but profitability and slow and steady growth. This allows us to focus on long term planning as opposed to chasing short-term growth. As a result of this slow and steady strategy we are even hiring in the time of CoVid-19.

Currently, we are a diverse team of close to 20 people with complementary skill-sets.


We are always looking for top engineering talent. Please refer to our Linkedin Page for latest openings or email at contact@neuralmarker.ai