AI Training Data Annotation and Training Data Platform for computer vision.

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NeuralMarker: AI Annotation and Automation Platform
NeuralmArker helps deliveR Production Grade AI Models

Your AI Engineers deserve a better annotation and training platform

Developing Accurate Deep Learning models that can work in the real-world scenarios can be challenging.  NeuralMarker has been built using the expertise of the world-renowned AI experts who have experience of developing several of production grade AI models

AI Pre-labelling saves minimum 50% of the cost of data annotations

Annotation Features

Human-in-the-loop AI workflow help you annotate the training data your model needs

AI Assisted Labeling Saves upto 80% of Cost

What does it take to make Production Grade AI?

What's AI Assited Labeling?
What are the key advantages of AI Assisted Labeling?
How much cost can I save?
What's the biggest problem in creating production grade AI?
How to take advantage of Active Learning?
How does NeuralMarker help in active learning?

Improve your models without breaking a sweat

Whether you need to label hundreds of thousands images of retail products, medical images, or tonnes of sports footage, NeuralMarker can enable your annotation team to not only build the initial models but also iterate the models by helping to fill the Blind Spots of the model using in-built active learning.

In-built Active Learning shrinks the cost and timeline of project by 50-70%